Web Design for Small Businesses, Milwaukee website design, Milwaukee web design, small business web design, small business social media, Tracy Lee Web design, Tracy Lee, Small Business Milwaukee, Start Small Media,      Having a website for your small business is pretty important these days. It is where people usually go to learn more about you or your business. Presenting your business in a website is a great way to gain more clients and is also a great way to educate your target market on what you have to offer.

Having a website allows you to be interactive with your clients and potential clients. It is a place where you can keep a running blog to allow followers to keep coming back to your website for new material. It is a place where you can sell your products or services. It is also a place where people can get questions answered  about  you or your business.

If you are just starting in your small business, but don’t have a lot of funds, a 5 page website may just be what you need to get started. As you grow, you can add more pages and even e-commerce. 

If you already have a website, but are looking to be mobile friendly or just looking to make a change, I can help you out with that also. Here is more information on having a website redone.